Anne Rogers Clark: A Remembrance

Anne Rogers Clark, grande dame of the dog fancy was memorialized today by the In Memoriam segment of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolis.  Unmistakeable as a show judge by her commanding presence and keen, decisive eye, Mrs. Clark had been scheduled to judge the Terrier Group at the 2007 Westminster Kennel Club Show which has published its own tribute.  The October 2005 day my dog was Best of Winners under Mrs. Clark was truly unforgettable as a near perfect day — too perfect to check the City Council agenda in my own town.  When I did the next day and over the ensuing weeks, that perfect fall day was a distant memory as it became clear that years of effort to sustain a local ordinance favorable to dog or cat fanciers were indeed lost, 15 years after San Mateo County had first cracked the pandora’s box of criminalizing a way of life — the dog and cat fancies.  In that time, The Animal Council had been born to preserve that way of life, founded on the right to own and breed dogs and cats, preserve their unique breeds as a legacy of fanciers past and for those future through the passion, hopes and dreams of individual fanciers willing to invest and risk their hearts to carry on and their own near perfect days. 

Sharon A. Coleman, President, The Animal Council


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