Following the California Senate Committee on Local Government hearing at dawn on a rare, cool overcast morning in Sacramento, California on Wednesday, July 11, when the infamous California Healthy Pets Act (AB 1634) slipped into the legslative version of coma of uncertain prognosis, hundreds of opponents gathered on the west steps for a celebratory Rally sponsored by PetPac and a chance to greet many old friends and put new faces with familiar names known only online.  The crowd stretched out the wide walkway toward 10th Street where the TV news trucks were parked, up the west stairs to the doors into the Capitol and out the walkways in both directions to the sides with TV cameras lined up in front of the crowd.  In addition to State Senator George Runner and key opposition leadership, the “star” speaker was the adult Jon Provost, known best as the child actor who played “Timmy” in the “Lassie” TV series, along with the 9th generation “Lassie” — an unregistered Collie dog actually named “Laddie” and his owner/trainer, Bob Weatherwax.  Legislators had enjoyed photos with the lobbying “Lassie” who brought reality to the irreparable flaws in the bill. 


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