The California Council of Companion Animal Advocates (CCCAA) or “3c2a” suggesting a mysterious chemical compound, which it may well have been, was a creation of the California Veterinary Medical Association that ambitiously included a diverse range of animal groups with the slogan, “Different Voices – One Goal”.  That goal was to study and eliminate “overpopulation” of dogs and cats, and the year was 1991.  We were never a named member, because our Board Member, Alice Partanen, had to make a quick decision at the first meeting whether to formally represent us or our sister organization, the National Pet Alliance.  Throughout the existence of CCCAA, NPA remained a formal member and participant along with all the big national names that sent representatives to quarterly meetings throughout the 1990s with the exception of The American Kennel Club which withdrew along the way.  CCCAA held 6 “POP” symposia over the years that began with great promise of addressing “overpopulation” but gradually shifted to related but more general topics — perhaps because “overpopulation” was being fairly well understood and controlled.  A final legacy was the roll of stickers, still intact in our label drawer, pictured with this entry.  The sticker was an ominous sign of CVMA’s drifting away from its committment to an inclusive, problem solving forum to its recent exclusionary relationships with animal control and humane organizations.  With renewed interest in “problem solving” and “working” with supporters of this year’s AB 1634, we have gathered archival material from our CCCAA files and included it on our web site, lest we forget and late comers never know what has gone before us.  


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