Holiday Pet Adoptions: The Enlightened Approach

Shhhhh…  What an ironic and heart heart-warming sight in the Macy’s San Francisco SFSPCA “adoption” windows, in fact, the most prominent corner window at O’Farrell and Stockton — 3 large Harlequin Great Dane figures with cropped ears!  Surely the window designer was independent of the SFSPCA that has sunk  deeper into AR-think under the current management.  The windows’ sponsors’ names are shown on the outside of this window.  Side windows on each street as far as the entry doors accommodated the adoptable dogs and cats while an SFSPCA representative on the street was available to field passerby inquiries.  This tradition began in the 90s under the Rich Avanzino administration at the old Gump’s store with much smaller, simpler windows, and started the enlightened approach to promoting the December holidays as a ideal time for many people to get a new pet.  Unlike the “party line” refusal to do holiday season adoptions, both SFSPCA and Peninsula HS & SPCA take full advantage of demographics and downtime when many households have the time and quiet to start a new pet. 


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