In December 2009, we noted the Macys’ San Francisco holiday pet adoption windows, the annual project of the San Francisco SPCA, seemed a little scaled-down compared to 2008, but this year’s windows are positively austere  at the prime corner of Stockton & O’Farrell Streets just off Union Square.  The corner window, Stockton side decorative scene features stylized figures — 2 humans, a blond female and black male (neither particularly representative of today’s San Francisco), 2 dogs — a sort-of Dalmatian and an unmistakeable Dachshund and an orange cat. 

The other side of the corner window has human figures caroling but no animals.

The most interesting feature was the catwalk with a human teaser toy  trying to entice a cat to walk up to a high spot with an outside window view.

On the “ground” level, were more kitties.

Another kitty waiting for more action:

Finally, the dogs!  These two had been “adopted”. 

Mission accomplished, we headed up the block to Union Square for a little stronger dose of holiday spirit and actually saw a dog.

And moved northward for more perspective:

Union Square 2010


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