The magical attraction never fails.  O’Farrell at Stockton Streets, San Francisco.  Macys’.  Three days before Christmas.  Shoulder-to-shoulder crowds unknowingly magnetized toward the six SFSPCA windows. 

The 2011 windows are scaled down, simple, integrated with Macy’s promotional brands – just six windows, 5 for cats and 1 for dogs with a small adoption-count sign in the corner window.

The cat windows start on the Stockton Street side.   This one with golden eyes was a real crowd pleaser.

Or, how about the next window neighbor?

Wait a bit, and this one will move to another spot.

Move on to the next window where the action was way up high at the top of a cat tree, through a round window. 

Around the corner on O’Farrell Street, finally the dog window, one sleeping and one better visible.  Who knows what they are other than generally cute.  A little girl entranced. 

Empty window, “Pending Adoption” sign in place. 

A new occupant follows quickly.

The final, sixth window.

The signage was very discreet.

Numerous red-jacketed folk stood by, ready to assist potential adopters or collect donations in their boxes.

Tucked away on the first floor of the store was the real operations center.

The “stock room”!

Once again, it was a San Francisco Christmas — many cats and dogs in new homes when people have time to help them settle in.


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