A year ago we posted here, “The Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show, one of the last remaining benched AKC shows has come and gone again, something like a major holiday for participants.” The elbow-to-elbow-crowded-to-corners and 2-day marathon single show are long gone, but these two individual shows remain an occasion. The Saturday morning gate knows this and comes from afar to see dogs, talk to dog people and not anti-breeder activists and shop-til-you-drop rounds of vendors. Under the watchful eyes of Cow Palace security personnel and Daly City Police, the slightly surly looking protestors were largely ignored on a sunny Saturday afternoon, January 28, 2012. 

Neither the time, nor place… 

As always, inside the show went on with so much to see, people to talk to, judging to watch, things to buy….

The Chihuahua bench was really eye-catching this year with much detail and thought.

And The American Kennel Club booth, front and center at the public entrance with AKC President, Dennis Sprung minding the store for the lunching staffers.


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