The magical attraction never fails. O’Farrell at Stockton Streets, San Francisco. Macys’ – Thursday, December 6, 2012 before the madding crowds at the hour shown on the clock.

SF 12 Macys sign

The red-coated San Francisco SPCA volunteers were ready to collect donations or talk with prospects.  In the San Francsco Bay Area, the holiday season is ideal for bringing new pets into homes. 

SF 12 O'Farrell - Stockton

Starting with the O’Farrell corner window, looking into pages of a magical book: 

SF 12 Magical Cit y book view unobstructed

 So far before Christmas, 109 adoptions:

SF 12 Home Count  12 6 12

A closer look at this years thematic text:

SF 12 Magical City window

The 2012 flagship window design features a San Francisco theme including revolving ice skating rink with 4 twirling skaters – a boy, a girl, a Boxer and a French Bulldog with Santa and dog and cat figures looking on — the first year since 2009 featuring purebred dogs including 2 docked breeds, a Miniature Schnauzer and a Boxer — each an exquisite surprise:

SF 12 Believe window reflecting

Here comes the Boxer, followed by the French Bulldog:

SF 12 Boxer and Frenchie Stockton Street

and there they go, ’round and ’round:

SF 12 Boxer and Frenchie

and the Frenchie,

SF 12 Bella twirl

and the Boxer,

SF 12 Boxer

Looking on were, the Afghan,

SF 12 Afghan rear

and the Miniature Schnauzer,

SF 12 Min Schnauzer 2

who is holding a pair of skates,

SF 12 Min Schnauzer

and the elegant, almost life-like Papillon with a jewel-collared cat,

SF 12 Pap

and another distinctive canine:

SF 12 Big Brown and Pap

Around the corners on both Stockton and O’Farrell are the adoption windows with dogs:

SF 12 tan puppy

SF 12 Tan puppy 2

SF 12 Tan puppy 4

SF 12 tan puppy 3

SF 12 3 in window

SF 12 In the Window

and cats, watching the spectators, alone:

SF 12 b w cat

or in a group:

SF 12 3 bw cats

or sleeping in a heap of kitties:

SF 12 kitty pile

or alone:

SF 12 lone kitty

and with a ride on the cable car through the magical realm:

SF 12 cable car

The End, 2012



  1. aura wave December 21, 2012 / 4:37 am

    I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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