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This year’s visit was on a sunny, 40 something degree, quiet week day morning on Tuesday, December 29.  Schools were still on vacation and tourists still in town, sustaining the festive mood.  The first glimpse of the O’Farrell Street windows revealed new design this year.


Getting closer, it was Peanuts characters.

2015 O'Farrell animal window

Happiness is a Warm Puppy is still on the book shelf, so maybe this will work as the background for cats and dogs available for adoption.  There is one actual animal in sight.

Here’s the dog, being described as a “3 month old Schnauzer mix.”  He’s certainly panting a lot and has a black kitten next door.  On his left, is another cat taking a nap in a corner.

Moving on to the corner window that has no live animals, just design, a mechanical Snoopy goes back and forth on a snowy slope with the cast of Peanuts character figures elevated in the background.

Around the corner is Lucy offering psychiatric advise.

2015 Stockton corner windowSnoopy labors on, backwards up the ski run and back down, continuously.  Outside, SFSPCA volunteers have information about the animals on display and cash collection containers.

On to the final window and a very active black cat.

This year’s narrative is new and divided between the 2 corner windows.  Is this dialogue between Charlie Brown and Lucy?  Apparently the scene depicts Charlie Brown directing a play to get with the holiday spirit.

2015 narrative 1And this looks like lyrics to a carroll.

2015 narrative 2Inside Macy’s on the First Floor between the ever expanding cosmetics department and elevators is the SFSPCA business desk; no visitors but two staffers at the ready for adoption applicants.

2015 SPCA deskAnd the holding area where there may be more animals in the cage bank to meet potential adopters.

2015 SPCA back roomYes, this is an established seasonal outreach event that annually places 200 to 300 plus cats and dogs in new homes.  But what draws us every year have been the wonderful, theatrical displays that have incorporated local settings with story lines, figures of carolers, of skating children and interaction with beautiful, realistic dogs and cats for magic effect that brought us back every year to carefully document and describe in this blog.  In 2014, that was the spectacular flying sleigh — perhaps too hard to top.  Macy’s used to sell the magic of cats and dogs in all their diversity, beauty and charm: not this year.  Selling pets is about selling magic and hope of joy the pet will bring to life.  Instead of building on the iconic title, Happiness is a Warm Puppy, this scene had Snoopy doing his own thing apart from any interaction with the characters.  Well, a Beagle might do that…

To enjoy those photos from past years going back to 2008, including all those Great Danes of Christmases past, peruse our Archives for some real treats.

The End – 2015

Editor’s note:  Sunday, January 3, 2016 was the final adoption day, and SFSPCA has announced the final adoption number for 2015 is 261.  The final number for 2014 was 267.





















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