THE COW PALACE 2018: TAC’S Golden Gate Kennel Club Scrapbook


Sixty years later…

Still at the aging Cow Palace (Daly City, California) with its own years’ of history and memories, a recent outbreak of a virulent canine influenza, reportedly brought to the United States  by “Korean meat dogs” imported for rescue lent a nervous air.

The benches feel like nothing has changed…except there are many fewer, but the sight of the decorations, the dogs and old friends brings anticipation for another year, coming up soon.

Next, check out the vendors — not that many nor exciting and all were in the main building, but it’s important to seek out each one and then double back in case any were missed, although went home empty-handed this year.

Not too many, but some information tables, all in the main building now.

Saturday morning, people and a few interesting dogs walking around but no crowds.

Down at the end of the main building are the Show office with Mrs. Jeanne Bobbitt at the counter, the Information Table and over by the loading entrance, a few odd tables and chairs should anyone want to sit down for a visit, some business or break.

Yes, it’s a dog show so check out some judging. The expanse of bright blue carpet in the main arena obscures the few exhibitors in or around the rings or stands and almost no knowledgeable spectators. Many breeds were benched in the lower buildings, but there was little judging to see there.

The American Kennel Club booth was front and center in the main building as it has been in recent years — one final check before leaving for 2018.

akc booth

Back in 2019? Probably.